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Shipping Container Homes Service

Get a Sturdy Shipping Container Home in Huntersville, NC

A01J Global Tech, LLC is a consulting firm in Huntersville, NC, that specializes in helping residential property owners maximize the value of their land by building shipping container homes. We have been in business for 36 years and have built hundreds of properties throughout the United States. Our shipping container homes are designed with all Corteen Steel to make them last for a long time. We offer a variety of custom built home options that can be tailored to fit your needs.

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Request a Shipping Container Home From Our Custom Home Builders

Our custom built models of container homes are not your typical wood-framed tiny home. Our shipping container homes are fully contained units that can be moved easily or secured safely from storms, floods & fires. Having a container home is also an eco-friendly alternative that doesn’t contribute to the world’s waste volume. With its all-steel body and framing, these can withstand extremely high winds and other natural acts of nature. Our container homes company can provide units from 160-320 sq. ft. integrals up to as many as you wish.

Our services include:

  • Custom and Production Home Design
  • Help Design Plans From Start to Finish
  • Construction Documents for Permitting and Construction
  • Estimating and Cost Analysis
  • Project Management and Construction Team Building
  • Structural Component Design and Review
  • Drafting and AutoCad work for Structural Engineers and Homeowners
  • Value Engineering

Ready to have your shipping container home in Huntersville, NC? We are happy to assist! A01J Global Tech, LLC has 36 years of experience providing clients with quality custom built homes. Our staff is on duty 24/7 to help you plan your smart and affordable housing!