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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a building designer?

A building designer provides planning services to clients in order to estimate, quantify, and execute the construction of new buildings as well as existing construction. Before a building can go into construction, permits and estimates are provided via the documents and supporting information provided by the building designer. This is a much different role than the interior designer.

Why do I need a building designer for my project?

A building designer provides all the information to the builder and building department as to what is required to complete the project under the direction of the owner or builder and approved by the engineer and building departments prior to construction.

How soon should I hire a building designer?

Hiring your designer as soon as possible is key in order to have a successful project come in under budget and on time. The more time allowed in the design stage, the better. The extra time will allow for more time to react to unknown circumstances.

What is the timeline for my project?

The timeline of the project is expressed in the plans provided. The timeline starts at the beginning of the construction and ends when all items from the builder, building departments, and owner sign off on completion of the project.

What happens at the introductory meeting?

The introductory meeting is often where the building designer meets the owners and/or the contractor that oversees the project. All known information is provided in order to decide the next best steps. Levels of expectation should be set for the owner, the designer and the contractor.

How can I find pricing information?

Pricing information is provided at the initial meeting and will be based on the information provided. These charges can be hourly, fixed fee, or a price per square footage. This will vary from project to project and is based on the size and scope of the project.

What is my participation in the design process?

As the owner/builder of the project, all decisions on the design of the project are provided and approved of by the owner/builder of the project. On large, complicated projects a project manager is used to handle a lot of the high-level decisions.

How long will it take to complete the drawings?

Time of completion of the design drawings vary greatly from designer to designer and is based on the size and scope of the project, the information provided, and the building department requirements. Outside services such as specialized engineers and manufacturers, and their turnaround time, will influence the completion of the plan and designs as well.

How do I find the right building designer?

Finding the right building designer can be difficult if the owner is unfamiliar with the local trades and professionals. In this case, just call (720) 371-4888, email to or reach out via the web at and we can get started right away!

Are building designers expensive?

Building designers typically charge a price based on the area and type of project. Another path for approval is available, but that price is based on the construction cost. This is inherently a much larger number and includes no incentive to control cost and may include the use of a building designer in the end. This is better used for larger commercial projects for which large amounts of work efforts are necessary.